Since its inception, The Sisters’ Project has been committed to supporting projects within our own local community. In the past years the funds we’ve raised have gone towards the following: 

  • Ongoing financial assistance to local families who are experiencing hardships due to cancer
  • The Sisters' Project Scholarship Fund
  • Support of the Wallingford YMCA program which helps cancer survivors to begin the journey toward recovery  

The Sisters’ Project have also desginated funds to projects and programing at Masonicare Hospice of Wallingford, CT with the hope of bringing tranquility to cancer patients and their families.

The following projects and programs were funded by The Sisters’ Project at Masonicare:

  • "On Monday, Sept. 28, 2015 Masonicare staff joined with members of the community to dedicate a new pavilion on the patio outside the ACU at Masonicare Health Center. This beautiful structure, which will be enjoyed by hospice patients and their loved ones, was made possible by another generous gift to The Masonic Charity Foundation of Connecticut from The Sisters’ Project, a local non-profit that raises funds in support of cancer patients and their families in Wallingford. The Sisters’ Project gift also subsidized the planting of all-season perennial gardens on the south side of the In-Patient Hospice Unit and in the raised planter on the patio. Masonicare is grateful for the continued support it has received from The Sisters’ Project."
  • Renovation of the family lounge featuring a pull-out couch, chairs that convert into beds, a flat screen TV, refrigerator, carpeting, lighting and a reading library.
  • Pressure-Relieving Air Mattresses for all inpatient hospice rooms. The specialty pressure-relieving air mattresses alternate pressure to the body’s pressure points helping with pain and symptom control. Air circulates and moves through the mattress via a pump system, making it possible for the patient to lie in a comfortable position without requiring frequent turning and repositioning as the mattress does this automatically.
  • Maxi Move Patient Lift
  • Clinical Care Recliners
  • Flat screen televisions and DVD players for all inpatient hospice rooms.
  • Animal assisted therapy to comfort hospice patients.
  • A music library featuring portable DVD players.
  • A retreat day for the employees of the hospice unit to aid in coping with the loss of patients and assisting the families through a difficult time.
  • A retreat day for the families who have lost loved ones.

To see photos from the Masonicare Hospice family room renovations, click here.

Also, to see photos from the Masonicare Outdoor Pavillon, click here.

Masonicare Pavillion Dedication - September 25, 2015

View Gallery - Masonicare Pavillon Dedication on September 28, 2015

View Gallery - Masonicare Hospice Family Room Renovations