Masonicare Hospice Unit

Wallingford, CT


  • Upgrades to the family lounge – furniture, flooring, and continual beverage & refreshment center.
  • Guest chairs and lighting for the patients’ rooms, for those extended stays.



  • Purchased 4 additional clinical care recliners, 250 blankets for the Hospice patients, and six patient amplifiers.



  • Through the generous donation of a local benefactor, we created a furnished outdoor pavilion at Masonicare’s Hospice/Acute Care Unit for patients and their families.
  • In addition, an all-season perennial garden was planted adjacent to the Hospice Unit.
  • We also enhanced the Hospice Unit rooms with bedspreads and CD players.



  • Equipped Inpatient Hospice Rooms with six sleeper chairs, allowing patient family members the opportunity to stay with their loved ones.
  • Outfitted family lounge with a desktop computer, coffee, and snack services for family members.
  • Purchased six additional 32 inch flat screen TVs for expanded Hospice Unit.
  • Created a Last Wish Fund to enhance the quality of life for cancer patients during their final weeks.
  • Set up a Funeral Expense Fund for indigent Hospice patients with no personal familial financial resources.



  • Designed Maxi Move Lift for patients who have little or no capacity to support themselves or who are completely dependent on others for their mobility.
  • Purchased two clinical care recliners for the Hospice Unit.
  • Purchased five additional pressure relieving air mattresses.



  • Purchased six pressure-relieving air mattresses for Inpatient Hospice Rooms.
  • Equipped the Hospice Rooms with flat screen televisions and DVD players.



  • Renovated Family Lounge in the Inpatient Hospice Unit at Masonicare Health Center. The family lounge is a dedicated space for the caregivers, relatives, and friends of terminally ill patients.
  • “SpiritSong” Hospice Music Program: Outfitted Hospice Unit with Compact Disc Players & Library of Music.
  • Read library of books for the enrichment of adults & children.
  • Provided certification of Pet Therapy for patients in the Hospice Unit.

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